Saturday, December 27, 2008

Disney Diary #2

Epcot at Night is always tremendous.
The "Illuminations" fireworks show is always stunning. However it will ruin any and all community sized fireworks shows as it is the best you will ever see...

Stood in line far toooooo long for the "soarin' ride.
(lessons learned)
People from all countries do not like standing in line.

There are well-behaved children (about 25%) and poorly behaved children
(about 25%) The other 50% you don't even notice.

99.9% of humanity are good people.

.1% of humanity are significant assholes (people with serious B.O. also fall
in this catagory)

Today: Disney Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom (we know from the past that this park is also the "thunderdome" of moms with strollers)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Disney Diary Day 1

Ok, to set this up right.
This is our fifth trip to Disney World....yeah, we like it..however each time we come we find something new and realize things that remain the same. Here is a collection of ways to make 'your' trip to Disney World more fun than Walt could ever imagine.

1. Mullet hunting- do it, take this with you always...they are out there...not sure where these people are from but apparently any sense of 'style' or 'taste' has not reached them yet. As far as I know, Mullets are not part of the Disney "Cast".

2. Fat: No one would ever consider me a skinny person, so I am a bit of an expert. There is serious fat out there...and it runs in,rather it sort of wobbles in packs. At any rate, if you have ever had concerns about your own self image..Disney will make you feel much better about yourself...again, large humans are not part of the Disney "Cast".

3. "Mad Moms", "Crabby Moms", "Screaming Moms" and "Pissed off Dads"...they are out there...mostly in Magic Kingdom, but all parks have them. They are amusing, especially when they are not you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

This whole "torture" thing

Why do we have to physically deal with them?
Can't we give them drugs or beer or acid or something?

or sign them up on "Twitter".