Sunday, September 2, 2007

Say Anything blog

These guys get a bum rap from we "progressive, leftist, socialistic,....highly intelligent, Bush disdainers. But they toss out the posts like a frickin machine.....

I almost always disagree with every single post on the site. If you comment you get absolutely gang raped verbally....but I keep going back....what is wrong with me? Do I really care? Do I want to try to save them? or am I just trying to find the "flush handle"?


Rob said...

You keep coming back because you love us. Plus, what fun would a political blog be if anyone just agreed with one another all the time?

I just sent you an email before I read this post, but I'm glad you like the blog and hope you keep coming back.

Imagine said...

Thanks for the link Rob.
you have a strong blog going...

I'll keep doggin your blog!

added you to mine...not that you need guys are everywhere!!

Michael said...

It would be fun, Rob, if your commenters weren't all a bunch of homophobic, theocratic, morality police who constantly insult and gang rape every one who tries to inject a different point of view. You apparently provide no leadership in terms of encouraging actual civil discussion. I tried on two occasions to participate in the "discussion" and was berated, insulted, demeaned and ganged up on by a bunch of mean-spirited bigots.

Yeah, great blog, just so long as you drink the irrational Right Wing kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

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