Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conservative Republicans?

Did they blame the crew of the Titanic or the Captain? The buck stops at the top. We know that Congress basically sucks but when you sit in the Oval Office you are in charge and get all praise and all blame.

This is the President, this is the country.

Things I won't miss. #1

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush Legacy

"history will treat him well"

I read this statement in a comment over at Lolifes blog. It made me, once again, really think about the last 8 years. Maybe it is because I lean to the left, but I can't list very many positive things from this President/ Administration. Apparently I am not alone in this thought. I "googled" the words 'bush legacy' and as you would guess a billion hits popped up. I only scrolled through about three pages but nothing positive jumped off the screen.

So I tried "bush, history will treat him well" and the first site explained things quite well in my opinion


When finishing up with my summer employment one of our choreographers asked if I was taking my family on a vacation before school starts. I said "no, we will simply hangout at home, unplug the phones, lock the front door and kick it by the pool". She says "cool...enjoy your 'staycation'.

Apparently this new word is the summer trend for 2008. The price of gas has a economically significant number of Americans staying at home this summer. While I am currently enjoying my personal 'staycation', I wonder about the massive impact this will have on the millions of small business's that depend on 'the traveler'.

We are supposed to prepare for a potential 30-50% increase in natural gas and fuel oil this coming winter. While that seriously is lame, it does not scare me. We will not freeze to death and we still can afford to put gas in the vehicles. I will do the following; let magazine subscriptions go, quit the health club, drop my landline, stop eating out, wash my own car,
and experience a 'staycation'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Limbaugh: ‘I consider myself a defender of corporate America.’

In a New York Times Magazine profile released online today, right-wing radio talker Rush Limbaugh declares himself "the intellectual engine of the conservative movement." Described by reporter Zev Chafets as "less a theoretician than a popularizer" whose "concerns are economic," Limbaugh proudly says, "I consider myself a defender of corporate America." Limbaugh’s claim is supported by the aggressive manner in which he acts as a "pitchman" for products on his show:

Some simply run their usual ads. Others use Limbaugh as their pitchman, which costs them a premium and a long-term commitment. And lately he has created a new option. At a much higher rate he will weave a product into his monologue (To a caller who said he took two showers after voting for Clinton in Operation Chaos, Limbaugh responded: "If you had followed my advice and gotten a Rinnai tankless water heater, you wouldn’t have needed to take two showers. And I’ll tell you why. . . .")