Friday, August 31, 2007

This video was significant to me in my formidable years!!

When Brecker "cracks up" during Sterns solo? priceless....the best...RIP Michael Brecker!!

Breckers Tenor sound could be picked out of any line up...tight, solid, hip, lottsa bite!!!

Shirts not tucked in? Honorable mention

Just before you "SNAP"

Times like these, where much more political BS will send you right over the edge and the news is nothing but shit. Hello Mr. V thanks for the advice.

I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different.
Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, August 24, 2007

Coulter vs Franken

Michael Vick vs. This guy!

Michael Vick is a scumbag for his treatment of animals and should pay for his crimes.
What about "these guys" from Texas? Baby in the dryer? Baby in the microwave?

I Love Ann Coulter

Isn't she fun to have around. She's like the Wicked Witch of the West. Terrible, terrible person, but when she melted....weren't you a little bit sad?

If Ann Coulter melted.......would you be a little bit sad? or would you splash in the puddle like Gene Kelly in "Singin in the Rain"?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This Congress

I do not understand this Democratic congress. Do they not feel this complete 'lack' of approval is based upon their actions?

The approval rating on the previous congress was only 10 pts higher and that was based on their actions.

If I can't be a republican, because I have a soul. If the Democratic party has no 'stones', what is a person supposed to do/become? ...... Canadian? Libertarian?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can we get over Cuba yet?

Is there a logical reason that we are still kicking Castro in the neck?
Couldn't relaxing restrictions on Cuba create good things for the US?
Or does the "anti-Castro" crowd still hold to much power in this country?

Fox? Fair and Balanced or Sleazy liars?

Take a moment and watch the posted videos. Start at the Top, if you get to the fourth without puking you win a prize.

Fox News is the worst excuse for news on the planet.

Want to know what propaganda looks, feels and smells like?
Tune in to Fox news. You don't even have to look for the lies, they are everywhere.
Wait, I should probably back that statement up by saying...if Fox News is "Fair and Balanced" the rest of the world is spewing a pack of lies.

Try watching any story, but a political story is best. Watch it on Fox then switch to any other station...NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, CBC..and watch the same story.

Propaganda and the twisting of every nuance to suit the right wing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now That!, is a dog

Cosmo the Wonderdog!

General Petraeus report

The long awaited report from General Petraeus will come with some conditions. The White House is requesting that the General give his report to Congress "behind closed doors".

The report given to the American people will not be written by the General. It will be prepared by the White House but it will contain the Generals "Thoughts and basic intent".

(This information from "Face the Nation" Sunday, August 19)

Since we have no reason to have "distrust" for this administration we can be grateful that the White House will make it easier for us to understand.

I just found a link that discusses this topic. If I was not such a noob I would know how you do that link thing....until my ignorance wanes...

Prescription drug advertising

The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries on the planet that allow television advertising for prescription drugs. New Zealand is considering making them illegal as they encourage the consumer to purchase and take drugs that they do not need to be taking.

I am sure corporate America will follow suit and voluntarily take these ridiculous ads off television.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What immigration problem???

The latest poll taken by the office of the Governor of Texas
Asked whether people who live in
Texas think illegal immigration
Is a serious problem:

A) 35% of respondents answered: "Yes, it is a serious problem."
B) 65% of respondents answered: "No es una problema serio."


I saw Byron Dorgan last night at a local establishment. He brought some federal energy folks to meet with some local energy folks. I have always liked Mr. Dorgan and I have always voted for Mr. Dorgan.

It was interesting to observe the demographic of the entourage. Definite primitive instinctual seating, yet without placecards.

To be honest it is amazing that our Senators can travel this state with little if any security, with respect and with freedom. I have always found our Senators and representatives to be completely approachable. (did I just contradict my previous post?)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cival War?

The conflict between the Sunni and Shia tribes goes back for centuries. Until recently they have lived peacefully with one another. The U.S. is currently arming the Sunni's.

Iraq is improving!!!!!

I am happy to read the news that the war in Iraq is improving. Specifically Baghdad is not the huge giant "shit-storm" it was before the surge. (ie...they only pick up the remains of 20 tortured, mutilated bodies each morning on the city streets compared to the 70-130 they were picking up just a few short months ago)

I had zero doubt in the abilities of our armed forces. We are, without a doubt, the super power of the planet. That being said, let's play a little role reversal....come along, this will be fun. It will, maybe, put a different perspective on the situation.

Let's pretend a foreign army (the size and scope of the US forces) does the same thing to Mpls. that it has done to Baghdad and for the same amount of time.

Who is still living in Mpls? Who didn't leave after the first bombs dropped? Only those who could not leave. The poor and the "un-connected".

And then in come the militants...outsiders (for the most part) that aren't even from your city. They start shooting and torturing and blowing the living hell out of everything. Do you take your wife and children and leave? or do you stay?

CNN stated that 4 million Iraqi citizens have either left the country or are refugee camps.

I happen to reside in a city that had a major disaster (flood of 97)
Those with means (rich folk) split the scene at the get-go...called back and said "is my house toast?", "it is?", "ok, here is some money...fixit and call me when you're done"

Those with moderate means (mid-class) left and stayed with family and friends all over the country.

Those with little to zero means (un-connected or poor) went to the refugee camp at the Air Base.

The town was empty.......

So my point is....are we amazed that the death toll is slowing? or are we just getting ready to say "yup, our work here is done" and then split the scene only to let the thing then boil over into a major blood bath.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove Quits!!!

Karl Rove is going back to Texas.
Apparently there are rocks in Texas that actually have nothing underneath them, so he feels there is opportunity for him.

Mr. Rove has been G.W.'s chief adviser for the past decade. That being said, maybe he is just getting a headstart in finding a proper hiding place?

It will be interesting to see what the "Commander in Chief of the World" will do without "Turd Blossum" to give him direction.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vote Them Out!!

I have the "countdown calender" on my google homepage...marking the time before we can clean out this group of criminals, idiots and morons from the White House.

The problem, of course, is clear. How do we keep from filling that same house with more idiots, morons and criminals?

Where are the leaders? Where are the Statesmen? Has the power of the positions held in DC so corrupted this country that any honest person that wins a seat soon becomes part of the machine? Apparently "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

I have been to DC many, many times. I have visited our senators and representatives. They are insulated in a world of pampering and pandering. The longer they stay in power the more perks..the nicer office...the better commitees, the more clout...
so all they really want to do is stay in power.....blow with the wind, ride the fence and stay in power.

Congress is such a dissapointment right now. The Dems win control and what have they done with it? Nothing!

All across this great country millions of Americans feel the same frustration. I am not represented!!, yet come election we keep our Senators, we keep our representatives, because of their position, their clout, the commitee's they sit on...

South Dakota got pissed at Daschle and dumped him...that cost the state millions, probably billions...that is the power of the position.

My new plan for the United States.
Please shoot holes in it as it is not perfect......yet.

We are a pretty smart and savy group of Americans. For some reason we like it when our political leaders lie to us and blow smoke up our back-sides. For some reason we like to put your sorry butt in DC for life, no matter how poor a job you do.

It takes a lot to get our attention. The last time we all paid attention was 9/11 prior to that?

Some modest changes

1. House of Representatives stays as is a giant mess of big states kicking little states asses...but everything has to go upstairs anyway...let them continue their little frat party for a bit.

2. Senate:
Each state sends 3 for a 5 year term. Staggered so that after five years the senior member is out and the other two are ready to step in.
States select representatives similar to Jury duty but with a bit higher criteria. level of education and other criteria to figured out later. We pay them double what they are earning back expenses...they don't "live 24/7" in DC...we have airplanes now they can come home and listen to what we want them to do. They can also do a whole lot of voting from home via the internet...

3. Lobbyists?- fuck'm' they're out
4. Fund rasing- don't need're in for five and then you are out
5. Special interest groups?- better come to the home state and make a case for your issues or piss off.
6. Realestate?- Yeah there will be a boatload of unused office space in DC
7. Party affiliation? (this needs work still) represent your state...a midwest liberal is more conservative than a west coast republican....represent your one likes republicans or democrats anyway right now...
8. Sleazebags and Crooks: You might have had serious issues in your past. We don't care...screw up during your are out instantly and represent us, we do not represent you......have a few to many and get a DUI...yer done!, plug a page?, yer done!

Presidential elections

1. Campaigns are two weeks in length. Each gets the same amount of prime time TV. Each can set up internet sites with the platform

2. Each Candidate must post their VP, cabinet and appointee's at the outset. This is the greatest country on the planet we deserve to know who is going to be manning the stations. The current blatant crony system is a serious crock of shit and has caused a great many problems....Sure your high school beer drinking buddy is a load of laughs but he doesn't know shit about "FEMA".

3. 10 year moratorium on any candidates from Texas...just because Bush is such an asshole....(ok maybe this is unfair to Texas)

4. No bullshit political answers. We have one huge primetime debate..."Will your administration fun stem cell research, yes or no?".....with the proper mediator the entire debate might last 45 minutes....

5. No forces deployed with out a declaration of war and a reinstating of the draft. Or Politicians relatives go first.

6. Presidential advisers.....They are on the team from the beggining..they are accountable, they answer questions.

7. State of the union address: Screw that crap. Once a month, on a sunday night...the president gets one hour, no crowds, no pomp, no bullshit...put a camera up in the Whitehouse kitchen and just talk.......each state's representation then does the same...

8. No one gets to run for president with out first serving as a State representative or Senator.

Other Basic Rules
1. America is what America always has been. A group of people from all over the globe that have come together to create the best country on the planet. You are an American first. Our language is English.

2. We do not build walls in America, we tear them down.

3. You pay taxes for the common good. Schools, roads, bridges that stay up and defense.

4. Your an American corporation? the majority of your holdings need to be between our borders. See number 3

It's a start.....I'll finish planning in a bit...tonite is a new moon and there is supposed to be significant meteor action....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Serious question now.

If this photo was in the morning paper, would you be surprised?

Is he not that obnoxious asshole you always new growing up that you wished would just get smacked?

I learned who Tony Snow was when he used to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. Then I saw him on Fox News...and now he works at the White House.

It is pretty obvious that he has sold his soul to the devil. I love watching the press secretary shrivel up and come apart with all the lies they have to tell.

They start out pretty normal, but the lies catch up to them and they just seem to quit or die...
The Farm Bill recently passed by this lame-ass congress. Does it actually help the family farmer? Are there any "Family Farmers " left ?. All I know is that the richest coorporate farms are raking in huge government checks that THEY DO NOT NEED TO OPERATE!!!!.

it can not be that hard to figure out who actually needs the money and who doesn't. If you are the richest person in the state do you need a million dollars to sustain your farming operation? Granted there are loopholes and qualifications that must be met and paper work that must be submited.

I spoke with one farmer who said "You do have to wade through about 40 hours of paper work to get it...but 100,000 for doing nothin'? I'll fill out the papers".

You can not tell me that something can not or should not be done.....I am all for helping the farmer. I live in an ag. based economy...I want them to do well...but give me a fricking break.

ok, I'll give this blog thing a shot. I can be a serious jerk when provoked.
let's let it fly... we'll see if we get readers or if I am just blowing gas to the wind.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Democrats are wimps!
How many liberties are we going to give up?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just jumping in.

2 focus inn

see the bigger picture. imagine the future.