Saturday, May 17, 2008

This 'is' a bit long...and I did expect, as I often do, to see Keith O. actually explode. He doesn't explode but he makes a significant points.

I had heard about GW's "I gave up golf" interview...I viewed it, read it and now after watching this clip I started thinking.... Who fed that question to the interviewer? You have an interview with the President and you say "I see you haven't been golfing in a while"??????

That doesn't make sense to me. Why ask that?, out of all the potential questions you could ask??

Could it be that the interviewer was 'fed' that question, was told to ask that question. Did someone on the Presidents staff actually think that Bush's comments on this topic would be a good idea? If that is the case, we don't just have the most moronic leader in the history of civilization. We have the most moronic leader with the most moronic staff , leading the free world.

I am continually astounded that we are going to allow this president to finish his term. I am more astounded that those who were ready to lynch Clinton over a 'blow job' stand along side this nitwit and defend his actions.

Next November whoever is elected President should really take out a full page ad in every newspaper on the planet and say "We the people of the United States of America are so very sorry for the past 8 years. Somehow we put 'Jethro' in charge ..and then didn't do anything about it, please forgive us".

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