Friday, August 29, 2008


How many people said "Who?"
How many republicans said "WTF?"
I did read that three years ago she was the mayor of a town with a population of about 6000...what other qualifications do you need?

Good pick republicans...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I don't know what is wrong with me. Three years ago a colleague encouraged me to watch the HBO series "Entourage". He was persistent. He kept telling me that I would dig the show..I would bet that he told me 30 times....I completely blew off the advice.

About three weeks ago another friend asked if I had ever seen "Entourage". "No" was my answer...He handed me the DVD collections of the first two seasons and told me I had two weeks to view them all. I took the DVD's, basically to be polite, and brought them home. I decided to see what all the fuss was about and popped in the first season, disc one.

Needless to say that before I got into the third episode I was completely hooked.

Yes, I apologized to the first guy and sold him the series is amazing. (and it is fresh and new, and fast paced morsel of pure entertainment)

But the real question is; why didn't I pull my head out earlier? "it happens" you say?
You have to realize that I did this with a long list of wonderful shows; (I am thinking back as far as I can)

Letterman- took me a year to connect
Seinfeld- same story. Now I have all the episodes memorized
The Office- Both the US and UK version
Weeds- another worthy HBO series

I just don't listen.

Ari Gold for President!!!

Xbox 360

My boys have an xbox 360 with a fair multitude of games. They play on a 61 inch HD flatscreen whilst lounging on a nice leather couch.

When I was the same age, I had a stick that I could play with outside in the dirt.

I am positive that if I had a similar gaming set up that I never would have gotten past junior high school. So how is it that these boys get better grades than I did?

Being closer to 50 than to 45 and having taught for 25+ years, I am amazed at this generations ability to process information. I am amazed at their ability to multi task so seamlessly. I am amazed at their ability to handle a schedule, considerably more complicated than mine was at that age. I am amazed at their ability to handle stress.

But mostly I am amazed that while they enjoy "panorama xbox" I am watching those worthless Vikings loose, yet, another game on a 14 inch portable in the laundry room.

Yeah, they are spoiled

PS. Call of Duty 4 is the most amazing video game I have ever played!

DNC- Denver

Hillary gave a great speech. I am not a fan but this was an effective motivating moment for the Democratic party. I am very interested to see what happens in St. Paul. Does McCain really want Bush on the stage?
fascinating times!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Questions I heard while shaving.

Television is my alarm clock. This morning I heard a question and a statement.


"Not long ago John McCain was traveling around the country trying to get folks to vote to privatize social security. One of the investment vehicles he touted were 'sub-prime mortgages".....

imho= I hope he has the sense to choose a VP with an economic pulse.


"Are you better off than you were when George Bush took office"

Of course the answer is no, but how many areas of our lives is the answer no.

here at "2 focus Inn"
Gas has doubled
Portfolio is down by 30%
Medical costs are way up
income has pretty much flat lined
inflation (food is breaking my bank...of course a 13 and 14 year old boys don't help)

My question:
What is better now than it was 8 years ago?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Polls? accurate?

Who gets called by pollsters?
People with "land lines" get called by pollsters.
Which demographic has "land lines"?
Which demographic doesn't?

To what extent does this impact polls?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Youtube is the best thing in the world

This is "The Real Group".
talk about killer ears....

Paul Desmond was the best.

Michael Brecker tenor sax
Mike Stern looses his mind on his guitar solo
I actually taped this back in 82'


approx. 4.4 million Iraqi citizens are currently displaced from their homes.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Double edged

While I would love to see Tim Pawlenty given the VP 'nod' so that Minnesota can dump that hump, it would be just our luck then to have McCain win and TP does to the country what he has done to MN. True he would only be the VP and what impact can they actually have? (see; dick )

Worse than high school student council.

Why do we have to wait until now to find out who the V.P.'s will be?
Why do we have to wait until after the election to find out who the cabinet is?
Why do we have to wait until after the election to find out who is 'appointed'?

In reality, the sum of what we 'don't' know, is greater than what we 'do' know.

Don't you want to know who will be on the team? If candidates had to announce positions prior to the election we would know the qualifications ("good job Brownie!") of people in high office.

Why would this idea not be a change for the 'good'? Maybe then the candidates would actually appoint qualified people for the thousands of positions that are filled with each new President.

Monday, August 11, 2008

bout that time

Excellent comparison

Obama: "Hi i'm a Mac"
McCain:" Hi i'm a PC"

because I have few original thoughts I stole this from lolifes blog.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What is wrong with these people?

Sometime last week someone from the Westboro Baptist Church read about the murder of Tim McLean. (the 22 yr old Canadian man killed on the Greyhound Bus)
This someone must have participated in a meeting with others of like mind and it was decided that God wants them to protest at this young mans funeral. Did they pray for the family? for the deceased?, for the accused? or for the others on the bus? Or did they simply "use" this horrific story to promote a personal agenda? Striving to get publicity?, striving to inflame, striving for self-aggrandizement?

They are protesting against Canada....the country..

"The group intends to picket the funeral of 22-year-old Tim McLean to tell Canadians his slaying on July 30 was God's response to Canadian policies enabling abortion, homosexuality and divorce and remarriage."

I am amazed at the restraint of humanity to allow this "freedom of speech" to occur.

I am sure that no one at the Westboro Baptist Church feels shame for the repeated acts of cowardice and insanity. This is just fine because there are enough of us in the world that are ashamed for you and of you.